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Started in the summer of 2015 as a small project to help promote the artistic and creative intertwining's of our City, OpportunityPeabody (OP) has grown from a small Instagram account to much much more. OP in a short time has become an integral community asset to not only the City of Peabody but our surrounding North Shore neighbors as well.  Now teaming up with other community assets, such as the super popular CreativeSalem and NSCDC, and other awesome community partners OP is growing faster than ever.

Never straying far from our mission, OP is still today continuing to support and promote the flourishing creativity and amazing artwork being done in our community.  Beyond this, we at OP love to support our other community partners as well, working on projects with the Peabody Institute Library and Peabody Cultural Collaborative as well as other community groups and businesses as well. 

What is Opportunity Peabody? 

Opportunity Peabody is a tour guide for the creative side of our community. We seek to provide users the opportunity to find out about our community in a way not normally seen. 

Where Have I Seen Opportunity Peabody Before?  

On any given day you might catch us posting photos from the downtown or from the miles of walking/biking paths that Peabody has, or maybe from a quick stop to one of our neighboring communities.  OP has is a huge supporter of our good friends  Peabody Main Streets and can be found helping and attending the multiple and super fun pop-up events that have taken place in the downtown.  Opportunity Peabody has also played a key role in helping facilitate pop-up parklet events in different locations on Main Street, which help provide community members a unique and fun way to enjoy the outdoors as well as the downtown.  More recently OP was heavily involved with the creation of the Coffee Experiment which eventually turned into the super popular Breaking Grounds Cafe on Main Street.  We try to stay very active on social media, you might have possibly saw a friend like one of our photos on Instagram or share a post of ours on Facebook. Be on the lookout for us at most creative and community building events in and around our community. 

What is OP working on currently?

As mentioned above, in a short time, OP has helped build some very strong and beneficial connections, helping to spread the word about our community. OP originally began as a way to help promote local artists, but since our inception, we have expanded not only promoting local art, but to also helping showcase local creative economy businesses and enterprises (Made In Peabody), Facilitating an event for local creatives to network, as well as comment on the current art scene (Artist Gathering). We are always expanding different realms of Peabody that we like to showcase.

More recently we have been highlighting many of the beautiful and scenic natural areas in Peabody, as well as helping to promote the downtown / Main Street area of Peabody. 

But you guys don't even know about....!

We are always on the lookout for new spots, businesses, Peabody creatives, and collab opportunities, if you have a tip, let us know!